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## Welcome to the Exposome Data platform Here you'll be able to view and interact with a wealth of exposome data that has been generated by the Exposome-NL, EXPANSE projects among many other sources. The Exposome Surfaces that are available on this platform can be viewed via the “GIS Viewer” and “Data” tabs. For an overview of all External Exposome data that has been inventoried by the Exposome-NL and EXPANSE projects we refer you [here]( "Exposome-NL website"). On this data platform you'll be able to: * Visualize exposome data for your European region of interest * Generate estimates for one or more exposome layers for an address of interest. * Link exposome information to your cohort. To learn how to request access to the Exposome Surfaces provided through our Exposome Maps tool, please read our [data access and publication Policy]( "data access and publication policy") and use the [request form]( "request form") to contact us. To learn how to work with the Exposome Data platform please read our [instruction manual]( "instruction manual"). The Exposome Data Platform uses the FAIR principles. This means that the data is findable (Findable), accessible (Accessible), exchangeable (Interoperable) and reusable (Reusable). Over time, the Data Platform will expand into a Fair Data point.
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